The Malware Database (MalwareDB) is a project which maintains the bookkeeping of malicious and benign files to aid malware researchers, cybersecurity analysts, forensic investigators, and anyone else who finds themself with a lot of malware or unknown on their hands. The main objectives: The code is available on Github. There's also an experimental Dockerfile.
What works today: What is planned or in-progress: Non-features:
  • Submit & retrieve samples.
  • Searching based on similarity hashes.
  • Basic administration tools on the command line.
  • Developed and tested on Linux, macOS, FreeBSD; x86_64, aarch64, powerpc64le. CI ensures the client & server build on Windows x86_64.
  • Planned: Fully featured admin GUI tool.
  • Planned: Web interface.
  • Planned: Support for Confidential Computing by running in Trusted Execution Environments, starting with Enarx.
  • MalwareDB is not and will not be a hosted web service. It is an on-premises program, and it's BYOM (bring your own malware).
  • MalwareDB will not make automated determinations as to which files are malicious or which are safe.
Last updated: 02 October 2023
info (AT) malwaredb (DOT) net